How much does it cost?

Start-Up fee

Start-Up Fee: $40.00 + tax (details)

BabyAuric Diaper Service charges a flat weekly rate for the pick-up, laundering and delivery of your diapers.  There are no additional weekly fees. At 6 months of age, the flat rate will drop.

*Subscriptions are charged 4 weeks at a time for the upcoming 4 week period.

At 6 months, your fee will automatically change for the next subscription period after baby turns 6 months.

Weekly fee

Infants: $28.50 + tax
Toddlers: $24.00 + tax

Have two children in diapers? Having twins?

Weekly fee (two children)
Infants: $28.50 + $20.00 + tax
Toddlers: $24.00 + $17.00 + tax
Infant + Toddler: $28.50 + $17.00 + tax

To use the diaper service, clients must own or obtain diaper covers and a pail at a minimum. If needed, we sell a convenient start-up package that offers great value:

BabyAuric Start-Up Package: $165.00 + tax (for clients needing the essentials)

Diaper Pail Credit

BabyAuric encourages reuse and recycling. When the diaper service is no longer required, you may choose to return the pail for a credit of $10.

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