Start-Up Fee: $40.00 + tax (details)

To use the diaper service, clients must own or obtain diaper covers and a pail at a minimum. If needed, we sell a convenient start-up package here that offers great value.

BabyAuric Diaper Service charges a flat weekly rate for the pick-up, laundering and delivery of your diapers and washcloths. At 6 months of age, the flat rate will drop.

*Subscriptions are charged 4 weeks at a time for the upcoming 4 week period. At 6 months, your fee will automatically change for the next subscription period after baby turns 6 months.

See service options below:

Weekly fee
Infants (0 to 6 months): $28.50 + GST
Toddlers (6 months+): $24.00 + GST

Service includes up to 85 newborn diapers per week or 60 medium (15 lbs+) diapers per week.

$8.00 + GST (available only with weekly service)

Washcloth service includes up to 50 washcloths per week, delivered with your diapers.

It is possible to increase the amount of diapers and/or washcloths delivered; an additional fee may apply.

**Note** that all diapers and washcloths (soiled and clean) are to be returned to BabyAuric each week. If too many cleans are being returned, simply let us know and we will reduce your delivery amount accordingly.

Have two children in diapers? Having twins?

BabyAuric ensures savings for more than one child using the service, for example:

Weekly fee (two children)

Infants: $28.50 + $20.00 + tax
Toddlers: $24.00 + $17.00 + tax
Infant + Toddler: $28.50 + $17.00 + tax

BabyAuric encourages reuse and recycling. When the diaper service is no longer required, you may choose to return the pail for a credit of $10.

Payment Policy
We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery. Click here for details on our billing policy.