How it Works

Make your cloth diapering as easy as possible, help the environment, and give your baby the most natural option for $28.50 per week or less.

BabyAuric Cloth Diaper Service has everything you need:

We launder the diapers with our hospital grade process and deliver them to your home on a weekly basis.

Check out our diaper service FAQ for detailed information on questions that may not be answered here.

BabyAuric also offers an optional washcloth service:

  • Plush bamboo washcloths delivered to your door along with your diapers
  • After wiping baby, toss the washcloth in the pail with the diapers (no need to rinse or separate them)

This popular service is a convenient way to minimise the use of wipes (which don’t breakdown in landfills either, and can be an irritant for some babies).