Boo-boo Cream


Soothe children’s little boo-boos. The botanical extracts in this 100% organic, locally made cream relieve chafing or itching caused by dry skin, eruptions, wounds or insect bites. 60g.

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Bites, chapping, burns, scratches, cuts… No, this is not the beginning of a nasty rhyme, but rather an opportunity to use the Boo-Boo Cream with your little adventurers. It could go on and on: blisters, bleeding scabs, small lesions, rashes, etc. This organic cream is a must for your first aid kit: simply apply it on the skin to quickly understand its effectiveness. Our little secret: it works as well with adults, and can even be used on tattoos. It soothes itching and helps healing!


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Weight 60 g